Easily Integrate the Customer.io push_opened Webhook into your application using Javascript, Ruby, and other frameworks.

The app on a person’s device reported the push notification was opened. If you don’t report opened metrics to us using the API, you will only see this event type when a person traps a tracked link in a notification resulting in opened and clicked events with identical timestamps.

Steps to receive the Customer.io push_opened Webhook

  • Sign up for your free Hooky account.
  • Create a new Webhook Source, and select customer.io. This will be the endpoint that receives the Customer.io push_opened webhook on behalf of your application, and forwards them using the unified SDK.
  • Once the push_opened webhook is received from Customer.io, you'll see the payload under the Live Logs section of your webhook source.
  • Next, follow the examples below to integrate the Hooky SDK in Ruby or Javascript, and start receiving webhooks.
Save countless hours integrating Push_opened webhooks into your application.