Easily Integrate Gitlab Webhooks with your application.


Steps to receive Gitlab Webhooks

  • Sign up for your free Hooky account.
  • Create a new Webhook Source, and select Gitlab. This will be the endpoint that receives webhooks on behalf of your application, and forwards them using the unified SDK.
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  • Once a webhook is received from Gitlab, you'll see it under the Live Logs section of your webhook source.
  • Next, follow the examples below to integrate the Hooky SDK in ruby or javascript, and start receiving webhooks.
Save countless hours integrating Gitlab webhooks into your application.

Integrating Gitlab Webhooks Using Javascript

Integrating Gitlab webhooks with Hooky in your Javascript based application is straight forward. Just grab the SDK, and call a function when that webhook is received.

Integrating Gitlab Webhooks Using Ruby

Integrating Gitlab webhooks with Hooky in your Ruby or Ruby on Rails application is straight forward. Just grab the SDK, and call a method when that webhook is received.

Configuring Gitlab Webhook Authentication

Here's how it works

Supported Gitlab Webhook Events

Push event

A push is made to the repository.

Tag event

Tags are created or deleted in the repository.

Issue event

A new issue is created or an existing issue is updated, closed, or reopened.

Comment event

A new comment is made on commits, merge requests, issues, and code snippets.

Merge request event

A merge request is created, updated, merged, or closed, or a commit is added in the source branch.

Wiki page event

A wiki page is created, updated, or deleted.

Pipeline event

A pipeline status changes.

Job event

A job status changes.

Deployment event

A deployment starts, succeeds, fails, or is canceled.

Group member event

A user is added or removed from a group, or a user’s access level or access expiration date changes.

Subgroup event

A subgroup is created or removed from a group.

Feature flag event

A feature flag is turned on or off.

Release event

A release is created or updated.